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Dr. Troy Cashatt

Graduating from Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC, and then fulfilled his General Surgery at Yale University, Dr. Cashatt has over 25 years of experience in the medical industry. He has acted as consultant to Kaiser Permanente, the Brotman Medical Center, and the UCLA Medical Center among others. Dr. Cashatt has been affiliated with the American Academy of Antiaging medicine, one of the worlds leading affiliations on longevity medicine. Dr. Cashatt has served as the medical director for one of the nations leading longevity clinics for 17 years, expanding those services now to this new location.

Dr. Cashatt has developed a protocol that utilizes the ability to provide confidential laboratory testing and personal medical information-direct to the public-empowering individuals to take charge of their own health, monitor their wellness and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease.

For over 17 years Dr. Cashatt has been recognized as an industry leader in medically supervised Health and Wellness programs, providing the highest level of customer/patient service, support and satisfaction in all aspects of anti-aging protocols.

Dr. Cashatt recognizes the importance in identifying your personal needs based on clinical deficiencies, symptoms, aging skin problems and general aging concerns. We are committed to customer service and take great care in educating our patients how the therapies we provide work and what to expect.